Friday, July 23, 2010

I'd Give My Favorite Pair of Pumps.

For interior designers, nothing sells a design better than a rendering. (“Rendering” is a fancy industry term for “sketching”.)

Without proper sketching and rendering skills, an interior designer is utterly useless. It is crucial not only to be able to accurately express your vision, but also quickly. Bosses or clients want to know what exactly is swimming around inside your head.

The beloved Candice Olson has the best hand-rendering skills I’ve ever seen. They border perfectly on fantasy and reality; quite clearly a drawing, they have just enough detail to put them one step closer to photo-realism. They are so delicious I could frame them.

(The preliminary sketch above; the realized design below.)

I couldn’t give my right arm, because I’d need it for rendering, but I would without a doubt give up my favorite pair of pumps for the opportunity to intern with Candice.

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  1. she is THE best hand-renderer (is renderer a word?) ever.